Fire NFL Players Who Protest The National Anthem And Disrespect Our Veterans

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Football season is officially back in full swing, but sadly so are the disrespectful protests by the spoiled brat NFL players.

Even though the NFL has tried to change the rules to "require" players to stand for the anthem, these millionaires are still disrespecting our flag and our great Veterans before games - and we will NOT put up with it any longer.

The purpose of this Boycott is to hit the NFL where it hurts - THEIR WALLETS!

Join the boycott today to TURN OFF NFL games and to refrain from purchasing any merchandise. This only fattens the pockets of the owners which in part helps them to support these disrespectful babies on the sidelines.

Add your name below to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. We are NOT going to sit around while these players spit in the face of our country!!!

Our goal is to get to 100,000 supporters within 10 days. Make sure to add your name and invite others to join this VIRAL MOVEMENT!
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