The content streaming company Netflix has officially partnered with the Obama family to create documentaries and shows that are likely to oppose President Trump at every angle.

This means that Netflix will quickly turn into nothing but an Anti-Trump propaganda machine...and we will NOT stand for that!

Sign below & commit to boycotting Netflix for this political move and we will send this petition to the front door of Netflix HQ!

115,311 SUPPORTERS (Goal of 100,000)
115,311 supporters
First, the liberals came for our late night talk shows.

Then, they came for our news networks.

Now, they're here for our NETFLIX!

This week, Netllix announced an official partnership with the Obama family that will allow them to oversee production on many projects as well as to produce NEW shows that are likely to be politically motivated.

Netflix couldn't help themselves...they just HAD to get political.

Well, we Trump supporters are fed up. We will NOT stand for the deep state intertwining themselves into our entertainment industry.

Netflix has officially become an arm of the Democratic party, so lets show them what happens when they alienate 50% of their audience.

Add your name to the list of people who are committed to BOYCOTTING Netflix today!
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